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Name: Taylor Olvey
Name: Zac Roy
Name: Tameem Jamal
Name: Patrick McFarland
Name: Alex Berghorst
Name: student


Descriptive Statistics

Experiment 1 Human Study
Average - 0mg LPS: 7.5
Std Dev - 0mg LPS: 1.5230
Count - 0mg LPS: 10
Std Error - 0mg LPS: 0.48

Average - 5mg LPS: 8.9
Std Dev - 5mg LPS:1.59
Count - 5mg LPS:10
Std Error - 5mg LPS:0.5

Average - 10mg LPS: 61.62
Std Dev - 10mg LPS:30.11
Count - 10mg LPS:10
Std Error - 10mg LPS:9.52

Average - 15mg LPS:657.941
Std Dev - 15mg LPS:212.94
Count - 15mg LPS:10
Std Error - 15mg LPS;67.33

Experiment 2 Rat Study
Average - 0mg LPS: 10.516
Std Dev - 0mg LPS: 2.226
Count - 0mg LPS: 5
Std Error -0mg LPS: 0.995

Average - 10mg LPS: 11.112
Std Dev - 10mg LPS: 7.403
Count - 10mg LPS: 5
Std Error - 10mg LPS: 3.311

(Please report descriptive statistics for both experiments. Please calculate descriptive statistics in Excel.)


Experiment 1

Experiment 2

(Please include well-labeled graphs of the results.)


Experiment 1A significant difference in the data for experiment one, consist of the age of the subject. An expontetial growth or decay occurs depending on the LPS dosage and the age of the subject. P value was at 4.9^-5 which is really close to zero. Since the F value in Nova is bigger than the critical F value, then there is a significance difference that is not based on error.

Experiment 2The average of inflammation between the two test groups showed very little change between the doses. Sine the P-value was 0.02, and the F-value was higher than the F-crit. means that there was not enough of a sampling error to make a difference.

(Using inferential statistics, please determine statistically significant differences in the data.)


The results for the first experiment is that the higher the dose did in fact increase inflammation. Age does changes the inflammation status depending on the LPS dosage.The P value is close to zero which was calculated to be 4.9^-5. There is little difference based on error. For the second experiment, there was little affect of LPS on the rats. The P value for the rats was .02. Which is only a little sample error.

(Please discuss the results and statistical analysis from both experiments. State your conclusion.)