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Independent and Dependent Variables

The dependent variable in the experiment is the amount of Inflammotin in the blood of the subject. The amount of Imflammotin would be the dependent variable because it is the variable that is being measured.

The independent variable in the experiment is the dose of Lipopolysaccharide. The dosage of Lipopolysaccharide is the independent variable because it is the variable being changed.

Experimental Design

The groups will be tested with 12mg, 10mg, 8mg, 6mg, 4mg, 2mg of Lipopolysaccharide. These amounts were chosen because the goal is to find the least amount of dosage that will still remain effective.

Number of subjects per group
In the experiment there will be 20 subjects per group. 10 of which will be female and the other 10 male. Both male and female were selected because gender could affect the way the drug works.

Experimental Design:
-At the beginning of the experiment, before the subjects are given any dose they are to have a blood test done on the first sunday.
-The subjects will then begin taking their perscribed dose of lipopolysaccharide at noon the Monday after their first blood test.
-Every week (sunday) the subject will have their blood tested to evaluate the amoutns of inflammotin in their body.
-The subjects will continue taking the perscribed dose and getting blood tests for two months.

Subject Selection

Experimental subjects are to be selected in order to reflect a wide variety of demographics within the target age group of 55 to 85 years. Within the 20 person groups, we will have an equal amount of males and females (10 of each). We are also incorporating racial demographics in our subject selection. Our goal is to gather a sample size with healthy ethnic diversity, with specific attention being given to participants of Caucasian, Hispanic, African-American and Asian descent.

Sources of Error and Bias

Errors that could be found in our experiment:
Subjects not taking their pills and saying that they did.
Allergic Reaction.
Surgery/ getting an illness during experiment.
Subjects are immune to drug.