BMCB625:Class Postmortem

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BMCB625 Advanced Topics in Molecular Biology


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Watch the class videos of final exams, discuss what worked/didn't work, plan the future, thank the guest mentors, hassle the instructors, say aloha, etc.

Monday July 2, 4PM

Yes, can attend

  • Maureen
  • Chris
  • Chayne
  • Jeremy
  • Sarah S.
  • Matt
  • Mahta

Pot-luck style "late-lunch"/Dinner Option

  • Maureen/will bring sushi, black bottom cupcakes,liquid refreshments, music
  • Chris: some type of "healthy" dessert item
  • Chayne: TBD
  • Jeremy: something tastey
  • Sarah S.-something "salady"
  • Matt: something hoppy
  • Mahta: matt you beat me to it...something hoppier - there's always room for more...
  • The 3 Bears: Something 'hoppiest'

No Can, No Want

Want to attend but suggest other date/time