BISC219/F13: How to Use the NikonSM1500

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How to use the NIKON SM1500 microscope and camera with Spot™ Software to take photos of your worms

You may download a .doc file of these directions from this link: Media: NikonSM21500_directions_2.doc

Place your worm plate on the specimen platform on the glass circle.

Turn on and LogOn to the Computer User Name: adminstrator Password: youk20 (that’s a zero not an O)

Turn ON the Camera using the switch at the top of the black box on top of the microscope BEFORE turning on the Spot software.

Double Click on the Spot Basic icon on the Desktop of the computer to open the program.

Select the Insight 2MpMosiac option from the popup menu.

Turn on ONLY the NCL150 Trans-illumination light switch. Do not turn on the FiberLite box behind the computer monitor but DO turn on the Trans-illumination NCL150 box switch on the box below the FiberLite box. Make sure ONLY the trans-illumination is on LOW. DO NOT use the HIGH setting. You can adjust the trans-illumination light intensity with the the knob next to the on/off/ high/low switch. The 2 setting should work for us.

Click on the LIVE button on the left top corner of the Spot software window on the computer screen.

Focus the image seen on the screen using the black knobs in the center of the column on the right of the computer monitor.

Adjust the magnification with the knobs on the Nikon SM1500 camera column directly above the specimen.

The mirror adjustment under the specimen is controlled with an adjustment knob on the right side of the specimen platform.

Make sure the Photo/Bin lever is toward you.

Click the White Balance Value button (4th from the right –icon looks like a spectrum) in the Spot software window toolbar. It will open a window to BEGIN computing white balance. When it is done, you should see a reduction in the yellow color on the screen

Click the camera icon on the toolbar to take a photo. A window will pop up with your image. If you like it, click SAVE AS and find .jpg from the menu. Be sure to label your photo and save it to a subfolder for your Lab Section and Team Color in the 219 F10 folder on the desktop. You may make subfolders in your team’s folder so that you are keeping your images properly labeled and organized for future use in the results section of your papers. Images that are left on the desktop of the computer will be discarded. When you are finished, if no one else wants to use the camera or microscope, turn off the camera and both light sources. You should log out but not shut down the computer.