BISC209/S11: Lab12

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Wellesley College-BISC 209 Microbiology -Spring 2011

LAB 12: Conferences

You will not have lab this week but will, instead, have an individual 30 minute conference with your lab instructor. Make sure the that you have a draft of all figures/tables visualizations of evidence ready for critique. There will be time for discussion with your instructor about problematic areas in your paper. If you have completed a draft of your paper BEFORE this conference, it will maximize the effectiveness of this meeting.

Final Paper and your lab notebook are due in your lab instructor's office by 5pm on your lab day May 3 or May 4. Please make sure there is an electronic copy of your paper uploaded to your folder in your Lab's Drop Box in Sakai.(Electronic copy requirement is in addition to the hard copy submission to your instructor.)
More information about the final paper can be found at: Lab 12 Assignment: Assignment: Final Paper. A grading rubric is posted to the Assignments and Rubrics Folder in the Resources section of Sakai.

Congratulations on completing microbiology lab!

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