BISC209/F13: Assignment 209 Final

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Wellesley College- BISC209 Microbiology- Fall 2013


Final Paper: Abundance and Diversity of Microorganisms in a Soil Community

Due in your drop box on Tues. Dec. 10 by 4pm for all students.

You will write a partial scientific paper on our semester-long project, Abundance and Diversity of Microorganisms in a Soil Community. Required elements are title, abstract, introduction, results (including a narrative as well as figures and/or tables) , discussion, reference page. You can omit the materials and methods section. This research paper should use experimental evidence from your work this semester to explore our investigative questions: How crowded is this community? How do individuals in the community find a niche (compete for limited resources and/or co-operate to provide useable resources for others)? Your working hypothesis is that extreme diversity (metabolically, structurally, and evolutionarily) provide the community with members that vary significantly in their requirements and their strategies for survival. Co-operative and competitive behaviors as well as extreme diversity should help the community survive and thrive. Do you have evidence from your testing that supports this hypothesis? Refutes it? Although your paper should focus on the soil community you studied, a scientific paper should include how this research fits into other published research on aspects of this topic. The discussion should also include an analysis of the significance of the findings and may suggest other questions that this research brings out.

Pay close attention to your instructor's feedback on the results sections you did as homework and seek clarification if needed. Please refer to information about writing in a science style found in your Sakai lab site in the Science Writing folder. A grading rubric will also be posted there. Please download and refer to it BEFORE and AS you write your paper. Good luck.