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Wellesley College- BISC209 Microbiology- Fall 2013


Graded Lab Assignments

Date Due Lab Due Assignment
Point Value
9/24-25 3 Assignment: Enumeration Results: Design, Data, and Analysis. Instructions: Colony Count & Cell Count Enumeration 20
10/1-2 4 Assignment: Discussion Including The Great Plate Count Anomaly. Instructions: The Great Plate Count Anomaly. 20
10/8-9 5 Assignment: Community Functional Metabolic Diversity Results: Design and Analysis . Instructions: Evidence for Functional Metabolic Diversity/Co-operation in a Soil Community 20
11/5-6 7 Assignment: Molecular Techniques Theory and Use. Instructions: Assignment: Understanding Molecular Techniques 20
12/3-4 10 Assignment: Lab Practical. Instructions: Lab Practical. 45
Dec. 10 Final Paper Due. Instructions found at: Assignment: Final Paper 70
Other CLEAN-UP points 5