BISC110/S12: Series 3 Lab 11 Science Writing Workshop

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Wellesley College

BISC110/112- Introduction to Cell Biology- Spring 2012


Lab 11 Science Writing Workshop for Photosynthesis Paper

During this week's lab, you will participate in a writing workshop focusing on the photosynthesis paper. You will exchange drafts of the introduction and discussion section with a partner for peer review.

The drafts of the introduction and discussion should contain citations. A Word document list of references (instead of pdf files) relating to each variable is available on your section's Sakai site. You should search for these articles using a reference database such as PubMed or Google Scholar. You are encouraged to search for additional articles that may be useful outside of those on the list.

We will also informally present PowerPoint slides that display each group's data in figures with captions, and each group will describe their results to the class. We will perform a group peer review of your figures and captions during the workshop.

Please come to the workshop with any questions about this final paper.


  1. The complete photosynthesis paper (Title, Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion and Literature Cited) is due on the date as indicated on the calendar or by your instructor.
  2. Prepare for a Lab Practical Skills Assessment in Lab 12. You may download a set of practice problems and a key to those problems here: Media:110_extra_practice_problems1.doc and Media:110_Lab_practical_practice_key_new.doc. You may also come into the lab when there is NOT a lab going on (labs run Mon. through Thurs. afternoon, Tues. evening, and Thurs. evening) to practice using the microscope. You may also practice at the end of lab 11 if the whole period is not used for the workshop. The lab practical will cover the main concepts and techniques covered in each of the labs. While you may use the Wiki during the practical, you may find it helpful to review the background information in the Wiki or your instructor's PowerPoints, how to perform specific techniques, and previous homework assignments prior to the practical.
  3. Prepare to turn in your lab notebook for grading (10 pts.) in Lab 12.

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