BE Board: 9/13/07

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Agenda - 9/13/07

  1. Coordinators
    • Monthly Meeting Time
    • Final tasks for 2006-2007 board members
    • Info for 2007-2008 board members
    • Directory update for the new 2007 BE Class
  2. First year representative
  3. Treasurer
    • 2007-2008 Budget
  4. Academic representatives
    • Survey
  5. Social chairs
    • September TGIF at Flat Top Johnnys
    • Fall BBQ
  6. Community service chair
    • Graduate Student Volunteer Day, Saturday 9/15, W20 lobby
  7. Diversity representative
    • Search for a diversity representative
  8. Athletic chairs
    • T-shirts
  9. GSC representative
    • Funding
    • Signatures for new reps

2007-2008 BE Board Budget (7/1/2007 – 7/1/2008)

• TGIF’s and other monthly events (12 * $400 per event) $5000 ($4200)
• GSC Funding $1000 *GSC reps
• First years dinners ($10 per attendee) *BE directly funds
Intramural Sports
• Jerseys/T-shirts $700 ($500)
• Registration Fees $800 ($700)
• Equipment/Fines $300 ($300)
• Industrial Seminar Series Speaker travel expenses (1-2) $500 ($1000)
• Speaker gifts (12) $500
• Refreshments $800 ($500)
• Mentoring events (Advisor/Advisee
• Luncheon, career development workshops – (6 * $150 per event) $1000 ($900)
Diversity Group
• Cultural events (5 * $400) $2000
• Interlab trivias and luncheons (4 * $100) $400
• Diversity Seminars (2 * $50) $100
BE Board Meetings (12 * $100 / meeting) $1200
New Events Fund $500 ($1000)

Sub Total $13,800
10% Fund Fee $ 1,380
Total $15,180
Low estimate of surplus from ’06-’07 $ 3,000
Funding allocation requested $12,180

The proposed numbers are listed with last year’s budget in parentheses. Mostly, the funds have been redistributed to reflect where they were spent this year (more to social and less to academics). IM funding was increased to account for the potential influx of undergrads on IM teams who will need shirts. In addition, the cost of both summer softball teams are included with the hockey registration costs. The fines have been shifted to the equipment category to ensure softball teams are registered next year without too much trouble. Funds for academic events and the new event fund have been modified to reflect the current level of participation in the department.

Overall, the budget is increased 3.5% in concurrence with inflation and the new distribution of funds should better suit the incoming board to producing events that will engage students. In addition, there will be surplus funds from this year’s budget (low estimate of $3000) which diminishes the requested allocation for the new school year. The actual surplus funds can be reported as of Aug 30th if there is difficulty in allocating the funding requested.

Outgoing tasks for the 2006-2007 BE Board
1. Update the BE Board Wiki (Internal Information & Member Description)
The members link is present on the BE Board webpage and should contain a job description, while the internal page is a hidden link and is for more detailed ‘how to’ info about the job.

2. Change over your position’s e-mail list
Each position has its own generic e-mail list (be-coordinators, be-social, etc). Old officers should add new members to the list and then remove themselves. This list is self-owned, therefore we cannot do this for you. List management is through Moira, Athena’s list management software (requires certificates):

New Member Information for the 2007-2008 BE Board
1. Setup an account with openwetware
Our BE Board webpage is in a wiki format, where all BE Board members contribute to keeping information on the page up to date. To start, you will need an openwetware account [Click on ‘create account’ at].

2. Editing the BE Board webpage
In order to get to the version of the BE Board webpage that is editable, you must go to: In order to edit an item, click on the edit link on the top of the page. There is some literature on openwetware about editing pages, however, most things can be done by looking at the code for other pages and using it as an outline. If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask!

3. Adding events to the BE Board Calendar
Our BE Board webpage has a calendar which we keep updated with any BE event. Please put all events you schedule into the calendar through google (
Login ID:
Password: calendar

4. E-mail announcements to the BE department
Since we do such a great job of keeping our webpage up to date (particularly the calendar), we would like to direct more BE Student to our website. Therefore, all e-mails that go out to the department should include a link to our website.

There are a few options for getting announcements out to the department depending on the target audience. If using, make sure to send also to and so the M. Eng. students and postdocs are not left out. The M.Eng'ers are on along with faculty and staff. Use grave caution in sending to be-list, as people get annoyed by inappropriate messages. The be-list, bestudents and be-postdocs lists are moderated, therefore all messages must be approved by a moderator before they go out. This is typically quick on normal business hours, however can be slow on the weekends or evenings. If you need to reach students quickly, go for the class lists (non-moderated).