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Official Guidelines

"Things I wish I knew before my thesis proposal"

  • When booking a room for your talk, make sure to book it starting 30mins before you expect your meeting to start.

Partly based on the advice of DE

  • Some MIT buildings look after their own room reservations (e.g. Building 68). However, many rooms in the institute can be reserved by mailing schedulesATmitDOTedu. This probably needs to be done early as it can be hard to reserve a suitable room less than a week in advance of your meeting. For more info, see Reserving a room at MIT.
  • Specify the scope of the presentation - what you will deal with and what you will not.
  • Try to get through each of the specific aims and preliminary results from your written proposal.
    • It may make sense to combine individual preliminary results with the specific aim they are associated with.
  • Feel free to ask questions/raise issues that you are not yet sure about, your committee are there to give advice not to interrogate.
  • Have fun! (apparently, this is most important)

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