BE Board:Meeting minutes/9/17/08

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Minutes - 9/17/08

  1. Coordinators
    • Transition
      • Email transfer- old board: update lists with new officers if not already completed
      • Reimbursement for events, tax exempt form- sent out by Rachel
      • Budget- waiting for final approval (proposed budget emailed out to board)
      • Diversity rep election- encourage people who may be interested to apply
      • 1st year rep election
      • Doodle calendar- new meeting time Mondays 12-1PM
      • Wiki Update (new members, etc)- new members log in and update your position
      • New Board Picture- take after we have the first year and diversity rep
  2. Social chairs
    • Recap - Asgard event- successful, good turn out, many first years came
    • September TGIF- Flat Top Johnnys, Fri Sept 19, 5:30 PM
    • Earlier start time for TGIFs-
      • Doug suggested early start time for better faculty attendance
      • 20.440 goes until 5:30 on Friday
      • Maybe vary start times for more popular events
  3. Treasurer
    • Itemized receipts to Mariann (use tax exempt forms)
    • Email Rachel amount spent
  4. Secretary
    • Newletter --
      • meet the 1st years, meet Mark Bathe
      • send Kristin any sports scores, events, etc you want included
  5. First year representative
    • Elections soon
  6. Academic representatives
    • Dinner with 1st years- Talk to Dalia to arrange
    • Survey- split into a 2nd year on and a 1st year survey for greater relevance
    • Tutorials- first years found very helpful
    • ISS- 3 events lined up for the fall
  7. Community service chair
    • Working on scheduling Pine St Inn events for Fall
    • Holiday Toy Drive
    • Coastsweep wasn't possible
  8. Diversity representative
    • "Games of All Ages" Event- Lorenna still planning
  9. Athletic chairs
    • Fall Sports: Dodgeball, Shooting, Flag Football, Soccer, Team Tennis
    • T shirts- New shirt design, ordering 400 shirts
    • Will need some new softball equipment
  10. GSC representative