BE Board:Meeting minutes/8/06/2007

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Draft Agenda - 08/06/07

  1. Coordinators
    • Elections
      • Nomination requests will go out in the next week or so
      • Elections will be run if there is contention for certain positions
      • Request for all current board members to recruit individuals to fill their positions
      • Some concerns about the timing needed to get the new GSC representative to the first GSC meeting and submit their registration in time too
      • Need to update position descriptions online and send out with email announcing nominations
      • Possibly add an additional social chair to help out with planning activities
    • Undergraduate Organization
      • They have an established budget which has been submitted and approved by Doug
      • They should hold elections in September once they start up classes again
    • Student lounge space
      • Meeting with Doug to discuss space allocation
      • Waiting to hear back about when student reps can meet with the architects to discuss specific details, wall construction etc
  2. First year representative
    • No issues or concerns
  3. Treasurer
    • Up-to-date figures were presented, without BE/ChemE BBQ numbers included
    • Based on budget submitted to Doug, there is about $1000 to play with for events in August (Academic and Social?)
  4. Academic representatives
    • Teach Seminar
      • Planned teaching seminar in August
      • Will parallel as the department's TA specific training
      • Plan to have drinks and appetizers following at CBC
    • Industrial Seminar Series
      • Speaker for August has postponed until September
      • Two speakers lined up in september
      • Nidhi will plan and run the early seminar in Sept and pass off the second one to the incoming academic rep
  5. Social chairs
    • TGIF and BBQ recaps
      • Success all around
      • Renewed interest in splitting aways from ChemE to have our own separately large summer social event
    • Beach BBQ (July/August) - [$500 budgeted]
      • Probably not based on the previous events run in June/ July
      • However, funding does exist if there is something they want to plan
  6. Community service chair
    • First event in July was successful
    • Second event in August did not have adequate turnout and had to be canceled
    • Suggestion to combine a community service event with a social event to increase turnout
  7. Diversity representative
    • Nothing has been accomplished here, simple lack of time on the part of the coordinators, sorry.
  8. Athletic chairs
    • Inventory list is up to date and online
    • Supplies have been added to the closet
    • Five T-shrits left over from this year, probably need to order more in the fall
  9. GSC representative
    • We're getting $750 to reimburse for the Sailing BBQ
    • Concerns about the turnover of responsibiliites with the incoming representative and the associated paperwork