BE Board:Meeting minutes/7/27/09

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Minutes - 7/27/09

  1. Coordinators
    • New position for lounge manager
      • Also include in budget for next year
    • Elections for new Board
      • Nominate people to take over positions, send out mass email, get 1st years involved
    • Grad lounge improvements (Justin Buck)
      • Now have ice cream, rice krispy treats, oatmeal, xbox
      • Money was missing- need to install lock box
  2. Social chairs
    • Remaining summer events
      • Lounge TGIF successful, different people than normal
      • sailing BBQ end of August- catered or self BBQ?, ask people to sail in advance (Barry, Nate, Chris), check on GSC funding, invite 1st years
  3. Treasurer
      • email out current spending
      • Talk to Doug about next years budget
  4. Secretary
  5. First year representative
  6. Academic representatives
    • Alumni lunch events
      • 4 more- 2 with professors (order more food?)
  7. Community service chair
      • baking this saturday
  8. Diversity representative
    • Event ideas
  9. Athletic chairs
    • Update on Spring sports
      • Softball ends today
  10. GSC representative
      • check on remaining funding