BE Board:Meeting minutes/6/08/2006

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Meeting Minutes - 6/8/06

12pm 56-754

  1. Coordinators
    • Congrats to the first years finishing their qualifying exams
    • BE Board elections in August
      • Mid-August elections, start thinking about planning your campaign.
      • Consider recruiting additional people to join the Board
  2. Secretary
    • T-shirt competition
      • Insufficient designs – maybe?
      • Offer free shirts to the two people who submitted designs
      • Push for additional designs from specific individuals by June 15th
      • Open voting June 15th and alter other deadlines accordingly
    • Newsletter
      • Draft for next week
      • Paper distribution via elevator stacks
      • If you have dates or things to add to the newsletter, email it to Amy
  3. First year representative
    • Not in attendance. No issues known.
  4. Community service chair
    • Charles River Cleanup
    • Next event in the near future
    • Want to give out an award for outstanding community service
  5. Treasurer
    • Proposed budget and revisions
      • Stayed on Budget this year
      • Keep budget roughly the same
      • Add New events funds
      • 10% fund fee included explicitly
      • Diversity funding is going to increase by $100
      • Athletics – request additional funds for equipment or just shifted off of shirts and keep net funds the same
      • New event fund still has significant funds - what are we going to do with it?
        • Suggestion for videotaping BATS and Thursday seminar, acquisition of a video camera
        • Next step is to talk to the department
        • A little more work to make it certificate protected
        • Stellar site might be the best way to go about it because they would take hosting responsibilities
        • Additional suggestions – BE Olympics revival
        • Try to get it handed off to departmental staff
        • Potential cost constraint if there is overhead involved
      • Email revised edition out and see if there are any necessary changes
  6. Academic representatives
    • Have speakers for the summer
    • Next seminar – next Thursday afternoon
    • Addiitional speakers for July, Aug, Sept
    • Continue the BE526 following the ISS seminars for the summer
      • Pay for 526 with academic and social funds from the board
      • May attempt to get the 1st years to organize one, following in the footsteps of the
  7. Social chairs
    • June camping trip
      • Camping trip details have been given to participants
    • Summer sports BBQ
      • Leftovers from canceled sailing BBQ
      • Intend to make purchases in June to put it in this fiscal year
      • Probably scheduled for mid-July
    • Suggest rescheduling sailing TGIF/event
      • Look into midnight sailing
  8. Diversity representative
    • Division wide meeting next week
      • Most of the future planning will occur next week
      • Hold elections in August along with the BE Board
    • Seminar scheduled for October
  9. Athletic chairs
    • Not present
  10. UG curriculum representative
    • Not present
  11. GSC representative
    • Not present