BE Board:Meeting minutes/5/26/09

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Minutes - 5/25/09

  1. Coordinators
    • Department updates from Doug
      • New Assistant Prof- Katharina Ribbeck
      • New Tenured Prof. Ron Weiss- Joint with EECS
      • Darrell Irvine and Jay Han- Tenured
      • Changes to committees- Pete and Darrell- Graduate Committee, Scoot and Natalie- Undergraduate Committee
  2. Social chairs
    • Upcoming TGIFs
      • This Fri-Dinner and a Movie- Vinny T's
    • Happy hour in the lounge?
      • Every Friday, 5pm, people pay for own beer and food
    • SP award event- Thurs at 5PM in RD Pub, check on alcohol
  3. Treasurer
      • Need receipts for first years dinner
  4. Secretary
  5. First year representative
    • ask Doug about having evals for BATS speakers
  6. Academic representatives
    • Post quals event at Muddy- June 2
    • lunches with new profs over summer
  7. Community service chair
    • Summer events at Museum of Science
  8. Diversity representative
    • Food at softball game, family friendly event, weekend
  9. Athletic chairs
    • Sports over, no fines
  10. GSC representative