BE Board:Meeting minutes/3/12/2007

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Meeting Minutes - 03/12/07

  1. Coordinators
    • Mail list conversion update
      • Doug is consulting with Aran about the change over and the conversion should be complete in the coming weeks.
      • Objective: decrease the ability for BE students to receive unsolicited blanket emails
    • Statement from the Dean
    • BE Foo Camp
      • Proposed as a concept for retreat discussions, retreat planning for next year maybe
      • Something the board should independently investigate and tackle in the summer
      • Start a discussion section and think about logistics
  2. First year representative
    • Interview weekend
      • First year obligations are being taken care of
      • Panel members have been selected
  3. Treasurer
    • Updated budget handed out and available by email upon request
  4. Academic representatives
    • Retreat Update
      • Theme: Impact of BE
      • Speakers are all lined up, relaxed format
      • Keynote on Monday night at Dinner
      • Four poster sessions including Sunday night
      • Afrernoon Activities: outlets stores, golf, brewery tour(Red Hook)
      • Monday evening - Open Mic planned
      • Q&A Tuesday at Lunch
      • Sunday Night - State of BE type Statement
      • T-shirts sign ups will NOT be taking place
    • Study Break for the first years
      • Funding available, just a question of timing, post spring break
  5. Social chairs
    • TGIF - not for March
    • Future TGIF ideas: Bowling, Floor Hockey with Roger Kamm and Matt Lang
    • Social will take on Diversity responsibilities to organize a cultural lunch, maybe middle eastern of some sort?
  6. Community service chair
    • Soup Kitchen event planned, but small groups, two days
    • Charles River clean up is in the near future and will be organized
  7. Diversity representative
    • Cultural lunch
      • Handed off to Social this month
  8. Athletic chairs
    • Equipment locker setup
      • Status of equipment collection is unknown as well as inventory list
      • Equipment may be migrating to retreat, unknown
    • Fall Sports
      • Fines from Dodgeball, two forfeits at $90 each
    • Spring sport signup in progress
  9. GSC representative
    • TA joined an academic committee, earning an additional $500 for activities
    • GSC officer elections are upcoming and nominations are being accepted
    • Lots of services are available, if anyone is interested