BE Board:Meeting minutes/11/24/08

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Minutes - 11/24/08

  1. Coordinators
    • Welcome to new members:
      • Diversity rep: Edgar Sanchez
      • 1st year rep: Brandon Russell
    • CSB/SCALeS seminars (Miles Miller)
      • new sources of funding? GSC funding board, talk to Doug
      • advertisement: weekly emails ok?
      • emails as ways to get speakers, also look into CDP and postdocs
    • Use of student lounge space
      • JB will organize for a semester or so
      • ideas: snacks, drinks, beer, cot/ couch, TV, coffeepot, closet for games
      • collection jar to offset food costs, just need start up funds
      • use new events fund
    • No Holiday Party this year
      • plan a holiday TGIF instead
      • larger room? walker, other conference rooms
      • earlier start time to get more faculty members
    • Picture
  2. Social chairs
    • Recap - Oktoberfest
    • November TGIF- Dec 5th Sam Adams
  3. Treasurer
  4. Secretary
  5. First year representative
    • difficulties with 420 material- have talked to Al
    • want warning about matlab and diff eq requirements in summer or additional prep courses
  6. Academic representatives
    • Dinner with 1st years
      • might need to come from Board's budget
    • Survey
      • need to analyze
      • TA survey soon
    • ISS update/ IAP speakers
      • IAP speakers lined up, lunches with speakers
  7. Community service chair
    • toy drive
    • Albany st shelter breakfasts over IAP
  8. Diversity representative
    • Event ideas
      • desserts of the world
      • beers of the world
      • salsa dancing
      • diversity lunches
  9. Athletic chairs
    • basketball starting soon (IAP and winter)
  10. GSC representative