BE Board:Meeting minutes/11/19/2007

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Minutes - 11/19/07

  1. Coordinators
    • First-year representative elections week of 11/5-9
      • Welcome Francisco Delgado!
    • Graduate Student Lounge Plans Finalized
      • plans for student lounges finalized, not much has changed since the last time
      • next door to the UG lounge
    • E-mail Digest
      • idea: instead of randomly emailing activities, email a digest of department-related announcements... maybe once/week ?
      • unanimously agree that there are TOO many emails coming out the office, every seminar annouced 3x3 times.
      • the office says this is important for encouraging participation...
    • Undergraduate Student Board Update
      • they're making Tshirts
      • parallel (to BE graduate Board) wiki/website set up
      • Get Undergraduate Social Chairs on BE Holiday Party Planning Committee?
  2. Social chairs
    • TGIF Wine Tasting
      • Nov 30, tech square
      • co-sponsored with diversity and academic again?
    • Holiday party on the 14th
    • BE Holiday Party
  3. First year representative
    • No big issues except for hardware troubles in 007
  4. Treasurer
    • Funds for Monthly Newsletter: we're ok
    • no IM jersey expenses this year, so we should definitely be fine w/money
    • remember to submit your receipts to Mariann with your name on them, make a copy for your records, and email me.
  5. Academic representatives
    • 2007 Survey Results: online
    • Each committee should look thru the survey results, esp comments
      • feedback on newsletter... include new research coming out of the dept, see website
      • MIT news office: Scott going to talk with them about highlighting dept research
      • Career dinner idea
      • startup group lunches again
    • Do students want to have a general Q&A with doug? He's happy to host.
    • How to increase attendance at department seminars?
      • Topics this semester not interesting to some.. maybe having younger faculty host/invite isn't the best idea?
      • Maybe move to lunch hour and provide food?
    • ISS tomorrow
    • We want more study breaks say first years!
  6. Community service chair
    • Sponsorship of Toy Drive through Christmas in the City: do we have $ for this? Can we advertise this on the department website and via mass e-mails to the department?
    • Pine Street Inn (Boston) on Saturday, December 1st (Evening)
  7. Diversity representative
    • no updates
  8. Athletic chairs
    • no basketball due to lack of interest
    • Tennis took the championship in A league!
    • hockey?
  9. GSC representative
    • GSC Funding Board (deadline 12/3)
      • funding board: GSC gets applications for events, ~$50-$1000, shan is on it
    • GSC money to use by Feb 15 - $750
    • Two-dollar Tuesdays: nice buffet dinner at Walker, we can do it as a dept and reserve tickets (they sell out really fast)