BE Board:Meeting minutes/11/03/2005

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  • Date - 11/03/05
  • Location - 56-614
  • Time - 12-1pm


  • Welcome new first year representative - Sean Clarke
  • Report on faculty retreat discussing Graduate Program Review
    • Appreciated student feedback
    • Faculty were receptive
    • Presentation is linked to from the wiki
    • Three major points: TA requirement, Curriculum(400), Career oriented mentoring
    • Faculty concerns:
      • Funding for graduate program if it were to expand
      • Scope of the graduate program verses depth
    • Graduate students will be sent a summary of the meeting in the near future
  • Student Directory
    • Dalia is willing to help and supply the necessary information
    • Dalia will also investigate the legal implications
  • New event fund
    • Extra money left over from last year, also GSC may give us additional funding for community and interdepartmental events
    • Objective of this fund is to encourage people to be inventive with regard to new activities
    • Consider including such a fund in the budget next year, extra funds will suffice for this year

First year representative

  • No issues, request cleaning services from administration for first year offices
  • 420/430 workload is intensive

Community service chair

  • Thanksgiving food drive
    • Nov 1-15th, 42 items so far, goal is 200
    • Spread the word, person to person contact is probably best
  • Report on community service event 1, Nov 19th
    • Good initial interest, but many people dropped out at the last minute
    • Very easy to get to, had fun
  • Future projects
    • Christmas in the city - toy drive
    • Bread and Jams - Sign up for Jan 22, 2-5pm


  • Spent approximately 25% of our budget

Academic representatives

  • Update on annual survey
    • Still in the process of analyzing the numbers
    • Final data will be emailed to the board
    • Feedback on a student directory was generally positive to include email and lab
    • Further details at the next meeting
  • ISS
    • Nov 18th, Zach Schiver
    • Additional ideas or contacts are always appreciated
  • Retreat
    • First meeting, Nov 7th
    • Jay Han is in charge this year
    • To be held the weekend of March 25th in Hyannis on Cape Cod

Social chairs

  • TGIF's
    • Brewery Tour with Al went well
    • Fall BBQ also a success
    • Future events: Nov - Game night, Dec - No TGIF
    • Other ideas: Looking into F1 racing, but we may need to team with another department or the off campus office to help with the cost.

Diversity representative

  • Carribean lunch - Thur Nov 17th
  • Diversity speaker - Dec 14th, Christopher Jones

Athletic chairs

  • Shirt designs will soon be on the web for voting
  • All Fall sports have started except for Pistol
  • T-shirt ordering
    • requesting additional funding from the board in order to outfit all current IM players with new shirts
    • proposal and detaiils at the next meeting for 45-60 shirts

UG curriculum representative

  • Curriculum chat + meeting with Linda/David
    • Drew speaking Nov 3rd, 6-7:30pm in 56-614 about BE 180
    • Linda and David are interested and willing to sit down with the board and other people who are interested to talk about the curriculum, an issue of scheduling
  • (Bio)ethics requirements
    • Talked about this at the retreat
    • Starting a group to discuss and attempt to spearhead a movement

GSC representative

  • Grad ring event
    • Event with ChemE, sponsored by the grad rat group
  • The Academic, research, and careers committee - conducted a survey and found people were interested in getting more information about ethics, attempting to develop some sort of initiative
  • Advising survey, want to discuss with department heads about how best to advise students, including conflict resolution