BE Board:Meeting minutes/1/14/08

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Minutes - 1/14/08

  1. Coordinators
    • BATS and Thursday Seminar changes
      • BATS moving to friday at noon
      • Cookie hour to replace 20.526 before Seminar?
    • Kashik Mitra of Merck (former DAL lab member) will be on campus to build Merck-BE relationship. If anyone has ideas or wants to meet with him... ?
    • Visiting Committee volunteers
      • March 5th & 6th; email Rachel to volunteer
      • You should synthesize survey results.
    • Intellectual Property Discussion
      • Tomorrow at 12-1:30
    • Meeting Time
      • TBD
  2. Social chairs
    • IAP Social Event
      • Bowling TGIF using GSC funds still too expensive
      • Instead: Feb 1st casino night? Check up on institute rules.
    • Interdepartmental social with physics department
      • Muddy-sponsored; we'll be part of the first one
  3. Treasurer
    • updated total expected in february
  4. First year representative
    • No first year rep today.
  5. Academic representatives
    • Biotechnology security seminar with Steven Rosen (1/22)
      • associated discussion will be planned
    • Some ISS planning going on- nothing set yet.
  6. Community service chair
    • Last event worked well. Checking same shelter's availability for early Spring semester
  7. Diversity representative
    • IAP Diversity Event:Melting Pot Fondue, Jan25th 6pm.
  8. Athletic chairs
    • No basketball
    • Hockey is 0-3 but close games!
    • Spring coming up: softball, ultimate, etc
  9. GSC representative
    • Nada.