BE Board:2/2/06

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Agenda - 2/02/06

  1. Coordinators
  2. First year representative
  3. Community service chair
  4. Treasurer
  5. Academic representatives
    • Retreat Planning: Next meeting: poster session division and selection of chairs/speakers. All board members are invited to contribute.
    • Retreat Planning: Dinner Discussion: Topics and Table Leaders Needed.
    • Study Breaks for 1st-years: "how to start out in lab" or "how to survive quals" ? Panel volunteers needed.
  6. Social chairs
    • Retreat Planning
    • Snowriders ski trip
    • February TGIF
  7. Diversity representative
    • Diversity potluck report
  8. Athletic chairs
    • The Shirts! The Shirts!
  9. UG curriculum representative
    • BE.320 curriculum chat report
  10. GSC representative