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Arkin Lab

The Arkin laboratory works on systems biology, cellular biophysics, comparative functional genomics, and synthetic biology. We aim to elucidate the evolutionary design principles of cellular networks and exploit these for design new function and behaviors in cells using a combination of experiment, theory and computation. Projects range from understanding the role of stochastic gene expression and memory in the stress response of Bacillus subtilis, to studies on the evolution of signal transduction pathways in bacteria, to detailed experiments and modeling of the stochastic control of HIV-1 gene expression and its role in latency, to the design and implementation of a tumor killing bacteria. In support of these projects we also develop technology for the statistical analysis of biological data, comparative functional genomics and model-based design of experiments as well as physical theory of cellular processes. Our applications span health, energy and the environment.

Association Links

Arkin Lab
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Collaborating Labs in Synthetic Biology

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