Anthony J. Wavrin Week 6

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Project Details Assignment

  1. Select one of these project topics as what you will present next week.
    • Me and my partner Matt have selected to do project number 3; The metabolism model we’ve worked out does not directly involve the ammonia feed. Develop and analyze a metabolism model that connects ammonia feed to alpha-ketogluterate, glutamine, and glutamate levels. Figure 3 tells us that enzyme concentrations depend on feed concentration. That is a good place to start.
  2. Find at least one reference beyond the two terSchure et al papers that will be helpful to your modeling effort. Discuss in your journal the relevance of the reference.
    • This scientific paper is about metabolic pathways, with the glutamate pathway highlighted. In our model, we are attempting to model this pathway. However, in the terSchure paper there is a large discrepancy between the increase in glutamate compared to the decrease in α-ketoglutarate. Thus, the glutamate must be from another source. Utilizing this source may help shed some light on this issue.
  3. Find a mathematical reference, be it a textbook, a paper, or a website, that is relevant to your project topic. Discuss in your journal the relevance of the reference.
    • This scientific paper is a modeling of phosphate transport in microalgae. This is relevant to my project topic because we are attempting to associate nitrogen into our model. However, this will include the transport of nitrogen by the yeast. Thus, using this already made model, we can hopefully make a more realistic model of this.

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