Andrew Martens

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Andrew Martens

I am a senior undergraduate biology major at Davidson College. I am a biology major, but I also have strong interests in computer science and Japanese. I come from Chicago, but I grew up in France; my parents currently live in Moscow.

私はデービドソン大学の四年生です。専門は生物学ですけどコンピューターサイエンスと日本語にも興味があります。 シカゴから来ましたけど子供の時にフランスに住んでいました。今両親はモスクワに住んでいます。

In addition to my participation in the Davidson-Missouri Western 2007 iGEM team, I am also conducting independent research in synthetic biology. My project was to design a new bacterial computer to better solve the two-spatula, burnt-pancake problem. To do this, I worked on using the E. coli trp operon anti-termination mechanism to regulate GFP expression.

Go here to see my C.V.