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Week 8 Assignment

  • 6) At hour 1, genes X, Y, and Z are all black because the ratios are 1. At hour 3, X and Z are a very dark red color and gene Y is red. At hour 5, X is black, Y is very dark green, and Z is very dark red. At hour 9, X and Y are green and Z is still a very dark red.
  • 7) Gene X and Y were transcribed similarly. They both start at 1 for hour 1, increase in hour 3, decrease to a similar number in hour 5, and end up near .1 at hour 9.
  • 9) Most spots would be yellow at the beginning because a yellow spot means that there is little or no change in expression. This makes sense because it would take time for yeast to adjust to conditions and change gene expression.
  • 10) Over the course of the experiment, TEF4 was repressed. The color on the microarray went from yellow to green. TEF4 is involved in the process of translation, making proteins. If the yeast is running out of glucose, it will cut down on translation because of the energy it takes. Because of this, TEF4 is repressed.
  • 11) The TCA cycle is the second main step of aerobic respiration coming after glycolysis and before the electron transport chain. When glucose is low, yeast cells stop being “lazy” and use aerobic instead of anaerobic respiration in order to create the most ATP out of each glucose molecule. In anaerobic respiration, only glycolysis is done, so the TCA cycle is genes are induced when aerobic respiration begins.
  • 12) The genome could ensure genes for enzymes in common pathways are induced or repressed simultaneously by using the same transcription factor for all of them.
  • 13) Rule 1 says that the control population shows up as green while the cDNA from cells of experimental conditions are red. When TUP1 is deleted, there is less repression. More expression compared to the control will lead to a red color on the DNA chip.
  • 14) If Yap1p is overexpressed, we will see a red color, because there is more expression than in the control cells.
  • 15) Yes. If the repressor that was lost was repressing another repressor, it would cause that repressor to be overexpressed causing greater repression of another gene.
  • 16) The control spots should be genes that are not affected by the deletion or overexpression. The experimental spots would have the changed genes. They should show up as different colors using the microarray test.

Salman Ahmad 22:45, 14 March 2013 (EDT)


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