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Chemostat Plots

  • X-axis: Time
  • Y-axis: Concentration
Variable Value
Q 0.35
U 120
R 4.0
K 25
V 4
U2 10

  • X-axis: Time
  • Y-axis: Concentration
Variable Value
Q 0.65
U 100
R 2.0
K 15
V 2
U2 60

Second Chemostat

File:BioMathHW1 File:BioMathHW2

  1. Steady States
    • n = (sqrt(UnKn-y(Vmax)(c)-Kn)
    • c = (sqrt(UcKc-y(Vmax)(n)-Kc)
    • y = 1/(Vmax*r*(n/Kn+n)*(c/Kc+c)-q)
  2. When the feed rates increase, the steady states increase as well. The feed rate is what is limiting the yeast and keeping the steady states where they are.
  3. The values of the steady states are being added instead of multiplied. If the values of the variables are above 1, then the steady states will decrease because multiplied numbers are bigger than added ones. If they are less than 1, however, as in a decimal between 0 and 1, the multiplication will cause an even smaller number meaning this new value would actually be higher.

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