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Weekly group meetings
Date Time Location
Every Wednesday 4:30-6:30PM TBA
12/05/12 (Wed) 4:30-6:30PM MSEE 239 (confirmed)
  • Room reservation: Eun Jung

2012 Fall Journal Club schedule (Biweekly lunch meeting)
Please use Guidelines for critical literature review for evaluation of an article.
Date Time Presenter Location
9/14/12 (Fri) 10:30AM-12PM Karen MSEE239 (confirmed)
9/21/12 (Fri) 10:30AM-12PM Sara MSEE239 (confirmed)
10/5/12 (Fri) 12-2PM Hillary MSEE239 (confirmed)
11/1/12 (Thurs) 11:30AM-1:30PM Bo MSEE239 (confirmed)
11/16/12 (Fri) 12-2PM Eun Jung MSEE239 (confirmed)
11/30/12 (Fri) 12-2PM Joonyoung MSEE239 (confirmed)
12/07/12 (Fri) 11:30AM-1:30PM Hannah RHPH G48 (confirmed)
  • Room reservation: Karen