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|6/13/14 (Fri) ||Noon-2PM ||Jun || RHPH G48
|6/13/14 (Fri) ||Noon-2PM ||Jun || RHPH G48
|6/20/14 (Fri) ||Noon-2PM ||Yihua || RHPH G48
|6/25/14 (Wed) ||Noon-2PM ||Yihua || RHPH 552B
|7/3/14 (Fri) ||Noon-2PM ||Jinho || RHPH 550
|7/3/14 (Fri) ||Noon-2PM ||Jinho || RHPH 550

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2014 Summer Group meeting schedule
Date Time Location
Every Monday 3:30-5:30PM RHPH G48
5/19/14 (Mon) 4-6PM RHPH G48

Presenter group A: Sara, Yihua, Jun, Ben
Presenter group B: Bo, Hyesun, Jinho, Joonyoung

2014 Summer Journal club schedule
Please use Guidelines for critical literature review for evaluation of an article.
Date Time Presenter Location
6/6/14 (Fri) Noon-2PM Sara RHPH G48
6/13/14 (Fri) Noon-2PM Jun RHPH G48
6/25/14 (Wed) Noon-2PM Yihua RHPH 552B
7/3/14 (Fri) Noon-2PM Jinho RHPH 550
7/18/14 (Fri) Noon-2PM Joonyoung RHPH G48
8/1/14 (Fri) Noon-2PM Bo RHPH G48
8/15/14 (Fri) Noon-2PM Hyesun RHPH G48

If you are not sure about what to present, please consider the following: