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| [[Sarah Carratt: Week 5]]
| [[Sarah Carratt: Week 5]]
| [[Sarah Carratt: Week 9]]
| [[Sarah Carratt: Week 9]]
| [[Sarah Carratt: Week 14]]
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| [[Media:Presentation 1.ppt|Journal Club 1]]
| [[Media:Presentation 1.ppt|Journal Club 1]]
| [[Media:Presentation 2.1.ppt|Journal Club 2]]
| [[Media:Presentation 2.1.ppt|Journal Club 2]]
| [[Media:Presentation 3.ppt|Journal Club 3]]

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Contact Info

I learned about OpenWetWare from Dr. Kam D. Dahlquist, Ph.D., who co-teaches my BIOL398-01/S11 class with Dr. Ben G. Fitzpatrick, Ph.D..

About Me

Sarah Carratt

I am currently a student at Loyola Marymount University seeking a Bachelor of Science in Biology. I am an Honors Associate for the University Honors Program, and my two areas of focus are recruitment and service! In addition, I am the Editor in Chief of PASSION_Magazine, the LMU campus social justice magazine, and also a member of the Human Rights Coalition. I joined my sorority, Delta Zeta, in the spring of 2010, and I am currently the Zi Omicron Standards of Excellence Chair.

After I graduate from LMU, I hope to attend medical school. From the time I was very little, puzzles and word problems were my favorite games. While I am certainly not a mathematician, I do love a challenge and problem solving/diagnostics is one of the primary appeals of medicine for me. As far as a specialty, my passions in the field of biology are genetics and embryology. In the future, I hope to become an OB/GYN.


Loyola Marymount University

  • Class of 2013: Junior Standing
  • Declared Major: Bachelor of Science in Biology
  • Upper Division Courses:
    • Biomathematical Modeling (BIOL398-01)
    • Intro to Mass Spectrometry (CHEM598-01)
    • Intro to Modern Microscopy (CHEM598-02)
    • Beyond Good and Evil (HNRS330)
    • Asymmetry of Spiders (BIOL399)
    • Island Biology (BIOL316)
  • Academic Honors:
    • Trustee Scholar
    • Payton Honors Research Grant
    • Honors Summer Research Grant
    • Puget Sound Kidney Centers Scholarship
    • Dean's List (Fall 2010, Spring 2010)

Research interests

I work with Dr. Martin Ramirez at Loyola Marymount University where I have two projects, both involving arachnid genetics!

  1. The effects of heavy metals and genetics on asymmetry and development
  2. Cytogenics of the genus Lutica as represented in Southern California


Individual Assignments

Sarah Carratt: Week 2 Sarah Carratt: Week 6 Sarah Carratt: Week 11
Sarah Carratt: Week 3 Sarah Carratt: Week 7 Sarah Carratt: Week 12
Sarah Carratt: Week 4 Sarah Carratt: Week 8 Sarah Carratt: Week 13
Sarah Carratt: Week 5 Sarah Carratt: Week 9

Class Assignments

Shared Journal: Week 1 Shared Journal: Week 6 Shared Journal: Week 11
Shared Journal: Week 2 Shared Journal: Week 7 Shared Journal: Week 12
Shared Journal: Week 3 Shared Journal: Week 8 Shared Journal: Week 13
Shared Journal: Week 4 Shared Journal: Week 9 Shared Journal: Week 14
Shared Journal: Week 5

Journal Club Powerpoints

Journal Club 1 Journal Club 2

Class Notes

Sarah Carratt_1.18.11 Sarah Carratt_2.3.11 Sarah Carratt_2.22.11 Sarah Carratt_4.05.11
Sarah Carratt_1.20.11 Sarah Carratt_2.8.11 Sarah Carratt_3.15.11 Sarah Carratt_4.12.11
Sarah Carratt_1.25.11 Sarah Carratt_2.10.11 Sarah Carratt_3.17.11 Sarah Carratt_4.14.11
Sarah Carratt_1.27.11 Sarah Carratt_2.15.11 Sarah Carratt_3.22.11 Sarah Carratt_4.19.11
Sarah Carratt_2.1.11 Sarah Carratt_2.17.11 Sarah Carratt_3.29.11

Programs and Reference Files


Original MM Example

Completed MM Example








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