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Entry title

Protein expression + Fluorescence Spectroscopy


The zinc protoporphyrin produced in week 2 of the lab was prepared for fluorescence spectroscopy


  1. 100mg of zinc protoporphyrin was scratched of the filter paper that was allowed to completely dry for few days. The zinc protoporphyrine was allowed to dry while rapped up in an aluminum paper to avoid damage to its fluorescence property.
  2. The 100mg of protoporphyrin was dissolved in 5ml of DSM and was shaken gently to get it completely dissolved in the DSM, while still rapped up with aluminum paper.
  3. Four diluted samples of the stock, zinc protoporphyrin, were prepared for fluorescence spectroscopy.
  4. The concentration of the four diluted samples were 0um (control), 0.1um, 0.3um and 0.5um.
  5. The diluted samples were studied with fluorescence spectroscope.
  6. For results of the fluorescence spectroscopy refer to Dr. Matthew Harttings note book.