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Airports accessible by [http://www.trimet.org/max/index.htm MAX] light rail [http://www.portofportland.com/HIO_Home.aspx HIO] and [http://www.portofportland.com/PDX_home.aspx PDX]
Airports accessible by [http://www.trimet.org/max/index.htm MAX] light rail [http://www.portofportland.com/HIO_Home.aspx HIO] and [http://www.portofportland.com/PDX_home.aspx PDX]
Other flight tools: [http://www.runwayfinder.com/ RunwayFinder], [http://skyvector.com/#35-1-3-1411-3372 SkyVector] at PDX, and [http://www.airnav.com/airport/KPDX AirNav_PDX]
==Course Web Pages==
==Course Web Pages==

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Christopher Severyn

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Major: Molecular & Cell Biology Univ. of California, Berkeley

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Graduate Student in the Rotwein Lab of the Dep't of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology at Oregon Health & Science Univ.

6th year student in OHSU's MD/PhD Program

Research Interests: Coming soon!

Scientific Links:

Introduction to X-ray Crystallography

Understanding Evolution

Genome Glossary More soon!


All Publications for C.J. Severyn on NCBI-PubMed

ResearcherID Link for C. Severyn

1. Molecular biology, genetics and biochemistry of the repulsive guidance molecule family. C. J. Severyn, U. Shinde and P. Rotwein, Biochem. J. (2009) v422:393-403 [1]


email: severync AT ohsu DOT edu

WebCams and other links

“The View” from the hills of the Greatest University in the World

Monterey Bay Aquarium Web-Cams

Farallones Cam

Watch the new Bay Bridge construction

Falcon-Cam: “Clara,” the Peregrine Falcon


East Bay Children’s Book Project

UCSF Children’s Hospital

Children’s Hospital Oakland and CHORI (Research Institute)

Packard Kids Connection @ LPCH, a great interactive site explaining select medical procedures to children and their parents (in English or Spanish), along with the “Power Penguin.”

Doernbecher Children’s Hospital @ OHSU

Why drive when you bike or fly: also known as ‘When in Portland’

Portland Area Maps

‘I want to ride my bicycle,’ and all things cycling related in Portland, OR

Airports accessible by MAX light rail HIO and PDX

Other flight tools: RunwayFinder, SkyVector at PDX, and AirNav_PDX

Course Web Pages

OHSU 2007 Course: Adv. Topics in Molecular Biology

BMCB625 Advanced Topics in Molecular Biology


Home        People        Materials        Schedule        Help        Discussion       

Discussion Questions and Presentations: Chris

DNA Replication Discussion Qsts
Exon Junction Complex BMCB625:Exon_Jxn_Complex
Link to Universal Template BMCB625:Discussion_Univ_template
Mathematics in Biology BMCB625:Mathematics_in_Biology