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-Centrifuge concentration gradient solutions to observe absorbance in each

-Observe pH changes in crystal violet hydrogels with the addition of HCl or NaOH


Part 1: Preparing Concentration Gradients for UV-Vis Measurements

1) Centrifuge 6 solutions containing varying amounts of R6G prepared on 03/27/2013 for 5 minutes at 11200rpm 3 times.

2) Make the following stock solutions to compare the supernatant absorbances to:

  • 10μL R6G in 1.5mL phosphate buffer
  • 15μL R6G in 1.5mL phosphate buffer
  • 20μL R6G in 1.5mL phosphate buffer
  • 25μL R6G in 1.5mL phosphate buffer
  • 30μL R6G in 1.5mL phosphate buffer
  • 35μL R6G in 1.5mL phosphate buffer

3) Take UV-Vis spectra of stock solutions and supernatants


  • Add data and results here...


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