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Entry title

  • Pretest 6


  • Coal Price Predictions (~72% up):
    • Up predictions: 18
    • Down predictions: 3
    • No Change: 2
  • Incorrect Inflation Answers: 5/18 (28%)
  • Bad Explanations:
    • Mentions inflation: 4
    • Just says supply and demand: 8

Unexpected Observations

  • Insert content here...

New Hypotheses

  • Insert content here...

Current Protocol

  • Insert content here...

Current Materials

  • Insert content here...

New Data

Participant 1

  • Favorable to big text.
  • Wanted information on desirable story length.
  • Suggested changing story to explanation.
  • Wanted it to be called "your story"
  • Wanted warning on how important/needed estimates would be.
  • Wanted uneditable boxes.
  • Wanted real coal prices on top of page rather than bottom.
  • Misunderstanding with prediction check.

Participant 2

  • Suggested more difficult quality checking questions. Question One is definitely too easy.
  • Suggested the second similarity question is unnecessary.


  • Question checks too easy.
  • Boxes should be uneditable.


  • Changed it to "your story"
  • Provided information about story length.
  • Made attention checks on a separate page. Made the last one more difficult.