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Entry title

  • Pretest 5


  • Pretty much everyone expects the prices to go up.
  • Having backcasts may provide a strong signal to reduce confidence. Condition without backcasts.
  • The story writing drastically improved the quality of the open-ended text.

Unexpected Observations

  • Insert content here...

New Hypotheses

  • Insert content here...

Current Protocol

  • Insert content here...

Current Materials

  • Insert content here...

New Data

Participant 1

  • Participant remarked that lack of information made confidence low, and this low confidence made it difficult to generate a coherent explantion.

Participant 2

  • Insert content here...


  • Font too large.
  • Complaint that there is not enough info to make the estimates.
  • Confidence in stories is still very high.
  • Cannot assess the accuracy of Story One.
  • Felt unable to assess story One without data.


  • Reduce font size slightly
  • Assure participants that their intuitive estimates are ok.
  • Added to intro "You should draw on your own intuitions to make these estimates, as sometimes these intuitions are right."