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==Designs for the first BE Undergrad Shirts==
==Designs for the first BE Undergrad Shirts==
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*Any other questions? Email be-shirts@mit.edu
*Any other questions? Email be-shirts@mit.edu

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Designs for the first BE Undergrad Shirts

Previous Design Example:

To get more ideas, check out other shirt designs


  • An original design in two colors for the front and back of a shirt
  • Be creative
  • Winner will receive a free shirt

Projected Timeline

  • Designs due November 13 (Tuesday after Veteran's Day)
  • Voting - November 14 - November 25
  • Take Orders November 26 - December 9
  • Place order December 12
  • Shirts should be ready by IAP/start of next term!


  • Designs collected and posted on the wiki
  • Voting via email to a specific list like be-shirts@mit.edu
    • Design vote in subject line
  • Shirt orders
    • Each class has an order representative
    • Class reps collect orders and money for their classmates
  • Distribution - Study Break will be hosted to deliver shirts
  • Any other questions? Email be-shirts@mit.edu