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**Andy Ellington
**Andy Ellington
**Edward Marcotte
**Edward Marcotte
*Vanderbilt University
**Anthony Forster
{{Synthetic biology bottom}}
{{Synthetic biology bottom}}

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This is an active list of schools and labs that support graduate study in synthetic biology.
<wikionly> Please add to and revise as appropriate.
Currently, programs are listed by school in alphabetical order.
Example labs and departments are listed too.</wikionly>

  • Boston University
    • Jim Collins, Biomedical Engineering
    • Tim Gardner, Biomedical Engineering
  • Caltech
    • Francis Arnold, Chemical Engineering
    • Michael Elowitz, Biology & Applied Physics
    • Christina Smolke, Chemical Engineering & Bioengineering
  • Duke
    • Lingchong You, Biomedical Engineering
    • Jingdong Tian
  • Harvard Medical School
    • George Church, Genetics
    • Pamela Silver, Systems Biology
  • MIT
    • Angela Belcher, Biological Engineering & Materials Science
    • Drew Endy, Biological Engineering
    • Kristala Jones-Prather, Chemical Engineering
    • Tom Knight, EECS and CSAIL
    • Alexander van Oudenaarden, Physics
  • Princeton
    • Ron Weiss, EECS and Molecular Biology
  • UC Berkeley
    • Adam Arkin, Bioengineering
    • Jay Keasling, Bioengineering & Chemical Engineering
  • UC San Francisco
    • Wendell Lim
    • Chris Voigt
  • UT Austin
    • Andy Ellington
    • Edward Marcotte
  • Vanderbilt University
    • Anthony Forster

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