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| [[Image:Ben.jpeg|150px|Ben Miller]]
| [[Image:Ben.jpeg|150px|Ben Miller]]
| '''Ben Miller'''  ''Undergraduate in Mathematics''<br>
| '''Ben Miller'''  ''Undergraduate in Mathematics''<br>
* Applying for software development positions.
* Working as a software engineer.

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Former members of the lab

Jesse Jashinsky Jesse Jashinsky Undergraduate in Computer Science
  • in Computer Science Masters program at ASU
Kori Agee Undergraduate in Biochemistry
  • finishing Biochemistry degree
Taylor Southwick Taylor Southwick Undergraduate in Bioinformatics
  • in Systems Biology PhD program at Washington University
Ben Miller Ben Miller Undergraduate in Mathematics
  • Working as a software engineer.
Christopher Conley Undergraduate in Bioinformatics
  • in Biostatistics PhD program at UC Davis