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Glass and Bonding Supplies Dealers

Normal Glass Wafers Vendor: Precision Glass & Optics URL: Salesperson: DK Item: Borofloat Thickness: +/-0.1mm

Precise Thickness Glass Wafers Vendor: Alpha Precision Inc URL: Salesperson: John Arthur Anderson Item: Borofloat Thickness: +/-15um

Macor Vendor: Technical Products Inc URL: Item: Macor Disk Specification: Diameter and Thickness=.375"

Graphite Blocks Vendor: POCO Graphite Inc URL: Item: High Density Graphite Disk Catalog #: ZXF-5Q

Fabrication Supply

HMDS Vendor: Alfa Aesar URL: Item: 98+% Hexamethyldisilazane Catalog #: A15139

Photoresist Vendor: Micro Chem Corp URL: Item: Shipley 1818 1qt Catalog #: 10018357 Item: SPR220-7.0 1qt Catalog #: 10016640

Special Photoresist Vendor: Mays Chemical Co URL: Item: AZ P4620 1qt Catalog #: 3005120

Technicloth Vendor: Fisher Scientific URL: Item: ITW Texwipe No TX609 Catalog #: 18-315C

Drill Bits Vendor: Abrasive Technology URL: Item: Diamond Drill in all sizes (except 500um)

Drill Bits: Vendor: Saint-Gobain Abrasives URL: Item: Diamond Microdrill 0.020" Product #: S20FD


Sputtering Vendor: UHV Sputtering Inc URL: Item: Sputter Ti and Pt on glass wafers

Where Can I Find This?

This is a very important question. Many lab people do not know where we keep the stock. Here you go.


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