Lidstrom:Sorvall Centrifuge

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Lidstrom Sorvoll centrifuge


  • Sorvall rotors
    • Rotors we have:
      • SS-34. Holds 8*50 mL, spins at 20,000 RPM/36,900 RCF
        • Tubes:
          SS-34 tubes
          Can't be autoclaved. Can't write on body; can only write on cap. Sandy says syickers don't stick.
      • GS-3.
      • ____. Holds eppendorf (1.5mL) tubes
  • For reference, the benchtop 50mL centrifuges (e.g. ST-15R with a TX-400 swinging bucket rotor) we have spin at 4696 RCF.

There are stickers with maximum speeds. These were set by Katya, circa 2011. It is unknown what the motivation was for keeping the rotors below maximum speed.

Lidstrom sorvoll speed instructions
SS-34 rotor speeds and k factors
GS-34 rotor speeds and k factors
RCF explanation


Example protocol for AM1:

Janet's SIP3-4 centrifugation:

  • Chill to 4oC with SS-34 rotor inside
  • Fill correct tubes
  • Spin for ___ min at ___ RCF at ___oC

Centrifugation Math & Basics

  • Sigma summary:
    • sedimentation rate is proportional to RFC, and proportional to the square of the particle diameter (cell diameter).
    • Stoke's equation
    • centrifugation speeds for applications