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Positions Available

How to apply

Interested candidates are encouraged to contact Prof. Kim directly by sending the following documents in a single PDF file via email (
• a cover letter outlining their research interests and career plans
• a CV including three references and their contact information
• PDF files of selected publications

Postdoctoral Researcher

Two postdoctoral fellow positions are immediately available in the areas of cell migration, cardiovascular tissue engineering, and stem cell engineering. The ideal candidates should have strong expertise in BioMEMS, polymeric biomaterials and micro/nanofabrication. Previous experience in quantitative microscopy and/or microfluidic cell culture is a plus. All candidates should have a strong experimental background, excellent verbal and written communication skills, a strong academic and publication record, and the ability to work independently. Fellows are expected to function independently in the design and development of their research, collaborate with internal and external investigators, and participate in the preparation of manuscripts, grants, and presentations.

Graduate Student

We are currently looking for multiple highly motivated and intelligent students. Please notice that we can only accept students that have been already admitted in the University of Washington graduate programs. Please apply through the Bioengineering department or other departments in the University of Washington if you are interested in joining our group.

Undergraduate Student

We always look for outstanding and motivated undergraduate researchers to join our lab.