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(Former Members)
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Alessandra Albertini'',  Summer Student''<br/>Fabienne Bereiter'', Project Student''<br/>Maren Dietrich'', Project Student''<br/>Christian Femmer'', Diploma Student''<br/>Michael Forrer'', Master Student''<br/>Oliver Friedli'', Project Student''<br/>Dr. Alessia Galgano'', PhD Student''<br/>Olivia Gugger'',  Diploma Student''<br/>Dr. Regula Halbeisen'', PhD Student''<br/>Katarzyna Hunt'',  Summer Student''<br/>Raphael Kaeser'',  PhD Student''<br/>Dr. Tanja Scherrer'', PhD Student''<br/>Felix Schnarwiler'', Master Student''<br/>Alexander Svensson'', Project Student''
=PhD Students=
Dr. Alessia Galgano<br/>Dr. Regula Halbeisen<br/>Raphael Kaeser<br/>Dr. Tanja Scherrer
=Diploma/Master Students=
Christian Femmer<br/>Michael Forrer<br/>Olivia Gugger<br/>Felix Schnarwiler
=Project/Summer Stundents=
Alessandra Albertini<br/>Fabienne Bereiter<br/>Maren Dietrich<br/>Michael Forrer<br/>Oliver Friedli<br/>Katarzyna Hunt<br/>Felix Schnarwiler<br/>Nicolas Strobl<br/>Alexander Svensson

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Current Members

André P. Gerber, Principal Investigator

Andre Gerber.TIF

Alessia Galgano, PhD Student

Alexander Kanitz, PhD Student


Luca Schenk, PhD Student

File:Luca Schenk.TIF

Tanja Scherrer, PhD Student

Gillian Lee Hertlein, Master Student

Gillian Hertlein.jpg

Nicolas Strobl, Project Student

Alexander Svensson, Project Student


PhD Students

Dr. Alessia Galgano
Dr. Regula Halbeisen
Raphael Kaeser
Dr. Tanja Scherrer

Diploma/Master Students

Christian Femmer
Michael Forrer
Olivia Gugger
Felix Schnarwiler

Project/Summer Stundents

Alessandra Albertini
Fabienne Bereiter
Maren Dietrich
Michael Forrer
Oliver Friedli
Katarzyna Hunt
Felix Schnarwiler
Nicolas Strobl
Alexander Svensson