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==Postdoctoral Fellows==
==Postdoctoral Fellows==
Mohammad Dezfulian
* Mohammad Dezfulian
==Graduate Students==
==Graduate Students==

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Lab Members :

Principal Investigator

Bill crosby 24jul2010.jpg
William Crosby, Ph.D.

Professor of Plant Molecular Bilogy and Bioinformatics, Systems Biology

Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Mohammad Dezfulian

Graduate Students

  • Don Karl Roberto
    Don Karl Roberto (MSc Student)

Undergraduate Students

Recent Alumni

Recent Graduate Student

  • Matthew Links, MSc Student(2005-2007), Bioinformatician Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada Saskatoon
  • Marta Franczak, MSc Student(2007-2009), MD/PhD Student University of Gdańsk
  • Claudia DiNatale, MSc Student (2010-2012),
  • Danielle Soulliere, MSc Student (2010-2012), MD Student University of Western Ontario
  • Mohammad Dezfulian PhD Student (2006-2012) Wikipage

Recent Undergraduate Students

  • Mrinal Pal, Undergraduate Thesis Student, PhD Student U of Toronto
  • Elizabeth Montcalm, Undergraduate Thesis Student, PharmD Wayne state University
  • Rajdeep Dhaliwal, Undergraduate Thesis Student, MSc U of Windsor
  • Madhulika Sareen, Undergraduate Thesis Student, MSc Student U of Guelph
  • Jean Liew, Undergraduate Thesis Student, MSc University of Leeds
  • Kimberley Chipman, Undergraduate Thesis Student, BSc U of Windsor
  • Evgeni Gentchev Undergraduate Thesis Student, BSc U of Windsor
  • Kerry Khoo Undergraduate Thesis Student, BSc U of Windsor
  • Seth Munholland Undergraduate Thesis Student, BSc U of Windsor