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CHE.496: Biological Systems Design Seminar

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Project 1: Literature Review of Current Research (Individual)

  • Due date: 15 February
  • Description: Research a past iGEM project or current synthetic biology work
  • Components:
    • 15 minute oral presentation
    • PowerPoint presentation (to be posted on wiki)
    • Presentation talking notes (to be posted on wiki)

Project 2: Part Design (Pairs)

  • Due date: 28 March
  • Description: In groups of two, develop a list of at least 6 BioBrick-based biological systems and propose two, in detail, for the 2008 VGEM Team's summer research project. For each of the two proposed, design a new BioBrick part or device and describe the larger system in which it would be used.
  • Components:
    • 1 page (single-spaced)
    • 20 minute oral presentation

Project 3: Device or System Design (Pairs)

  • Due date: 22 April
  • Description: In a group, design a novel biological system based on BioBrick components.
  • Components:
    • 5 pages (single-spaced)
    • Oral presentation