BISC220/S13:Series 1

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Wellesley College     BISC 220     Cellular Physiology

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Lab 1: Induction of β-galactosidase and Molecular Modeling
Lab 2: Affinity Chromatography and Specific Activity Determination
Lab 3: Enzyme Kinetics
The Michaelis-Menten Model
Lab 4: Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis
Media Recipes
Science Writing and Figure Design

Schedule of Experiments

Lab # Dates Activity Outside lab time
1 1/29 - 2/1 1) Induction of β-galactosidase
2) Molecular Modeling and Sequence Analysis
Figure creation and brief analysis of the β-galactosidase molecule
2 2/4 - 2/8 1) Affinity Chromatography
2) Determination of the Specific Activity of β-galactosidase
Calculations based on the results of today's lab
3 2/11- 2/15 Enzyme Kinetics Calculations based on the results of today's lab
4 2/25 - 3/1 Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis 1) Calculations based on the results of today's lab

2) Write β-galactosidase paper