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Please post the following to the wiki page you are starting for this assignment. Your wiki page should be printed out and handed in on M3D4 in lecture and also ready to present on screen to the class during that hour.
*Angela Zhu
*Angela Zhu

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  • Angela Zhu
  • Steven Chang
  • Samantha Alvarez
  • TR
  • Red

Title of Proposed Project

20.109(F12) Pre-Proposal: Engineering Biodiesel-Producing Bacteria to Optimize the Oxidative Stability of Biodiesel Fuel

Project Summary

Biodiesel fuel is both a non-toxic and renewable resource, making it a promising alternative to standard diesel fuel. Current research focuses on synthesizing biodiesel from bacteria but does not address the poor oxidative stability of the biodiesel, which lowers its shelf life to a six month span. The proposed research would address this problem by engineering pre-existing biodiesel-producing bacteria to secrete antioxidants in order to optimize oxidative stability of the biodiesel and therefore make it viable for a longer period of time.



  • What is known about this field
  • Why is this field important

Your idea

Make clear what you see is the structural hole/gap in understanding or the need, and how you propose to fill in or satisfy what you've identified. You should specify your general approach (e.g. "will screen for mutants that enhance the contrast of the bacterial photography system") but do not need to think through the precise experimental details yet. Emphasize instead what results hope to collect and how they might improve the shortcomings that you've identified as interesting.

A sketch

Please make (don't copy or re-print another author's) a summary figure for your idea. This should give the reader a good idea about the idea you are proposing, cluing them in to the field you've focused on, the question you're asking and, ideally, the approach you're taking in your proposed research. These can be hand-drawn and scanned or designed digitally and posted.