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Registration/Questionnaire: 20.109 Fall 2012

Last Name


First Name


Preferred name



Course 20-Biological Engineering

Year of Graduation


Telephone #



sam27 AT mit DOT edu

Have you taken or are you taking...

20.320 (Cell Kinetics)
-Taking currently

7.05/5.07 (Biochemistry)
-Took last term

7.06 (Cell Biology)
-Taking next term

5.310 (General Chemistry Lab)
-Took a year ago

Do you have any experience culturing cells (mammalian, yeast or microbial)? I wish!

Do you have any experience in molecular biology (electrophoresis, PCR, etc)? Not yet. I hope to gain some experience through 20.109.

Please briefly describe any previous laboratory experience

I don’t really have a lot of lab experience under my belt. Having taken 5.310 (Chemistry Lab), I have been exposed to some basic techniques and machines (like refractometry, mass spectroscopy, etc.) but nothing too extensive or in depth. I already feel comfortable in the lab environment but want to expand my knowledge base a lot more this semester.

Please briefly describe any previous technical communication experience you have

  • Written Communication
  • Oral Communication

In 5.310 and 20.310 I had a lot of practice with both written and oral communication. For 5.310 I had to present my research and findings orally and through written lab reports/technical writing. Also, in 20.310 we had both components where we presented a research project on a specific aspect and included a mock research article on the subject matter.

Anything else you would like us to know?

Team Pink Rules!

Contact Info

Samantha Alvarez (an artistic interpretation)

I learned about OpenWetWare from Academic Course, and I've joined because My laboratory course 20.109 actively uses OpenWetWare..


  • 2014, BS, MIT

Research interests

  1. Neurological Circuits
  2. Drug Delivery Methods
  3. Neurobiological Systems

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