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Thursday 2/5

Josh and Casy

  • Today we got the results from Tuesdays transformation.
  • The 3 controls worked as expected. Of the transformation plates, only the 2 plates with E.coli cells and 2007 BBaR0080 grew colonies. There were 5 colonies between the two plates.
  • We inoculated those five colonies onto new plates for back up colonies.
  • Today we repeated the transformation and followed the same protocol as the first time, with higher concentrations (up to 13ul) of DNA.

Oggie, Derek, and Katy

  • We ran a sample of our DNA (enzyme digested and regular) and observed no presence of DNA on the agarose gel.
  • Since the first gel didn't show anything, we took another 20μL of undigested dyed DNA and retried it.
  • The re-run did not show any improvement but we could at least see that DNA was present. It just didn't move very far from the starting wells. This might possibly mean that the DNA is simply not pure enough, so we will try running a PCR to see if we get any results.
  • If results do not improve, we will start over with the DNA extraction
  • *NOTE* We had some serious pipetting errors when working with the 4μL DNA samples. We believe the pipettes we were using were not measuring the proper amounts, as we ended up with ~10μL of final sample as opposed to the expected 18μL.