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PCR and Gel electrophorosis fro extracted DNA sample

On Tuesday, we ran DNA 3 sample at gel again because in last Agarose gel electrophorosis we didn't get band for DNA 3 however, the same sample had good ECORI digested band. We found that DNA 3 had similar intensity as DNA 2 and 5 so we mixed all three samples http://openwetware.org/wiki/Image:PIC_7_-_Copy.jpg. We also,did PCR for our extracted DNA sample. This time we used non extended primers and run the samples at three different temperatures ( 65,55 and 50 degree centigrade). We also, tested for other group's DNA sample. To check if our primer is specific to our gene of interest or not.

On Thursday, we did Agarose gel electrophorosis for our PCR product. This time we used 3ul marker. The result seems to be satisfactory this time because, we saw that our DNA was amplified with non- extended primers and also, it was specific to our DNA because there was no amplification on DNA of other groups. When we compared the band size with 100bp Marker, we found that the size of DNA band was around 1350bp which is the size of our gene of interest http://openwetware.org/wiki/Image:PIC_8.jpg. So, we decided to do PCR of our 3 samples using extended primers in our next lab.