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The disappointing results of transformed cells

Corey removed the plates from the incubator in the morning and stored them at 4C. There were no colonies observed on all plates for all the parts. As we (Matt and Diveena) discussed the results with Axel, we did realize that we forgot to include on very inportant aspect of our experiment which are controls. There are too many variables that could have contributed to no colony formation on all the plates. We should repeat the experiment with the presence of controls and using a known plasmid that works, ie pBlueScript to check if cells are dead, non competent, no plasmid was present for transformation or something might be wrong with our protocol and handling method.One or two people only should handle the entire procedure to make sure that the handling method is consistent. This experiment needs to be repeated on Thursday along with the primer design.On the registry website, some people have reported that they are not able to extract the DNA out of the paper to be used in the transformation process.

Updated by Diveena Vijayendran