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A Flower of A Different Color

Projects completed from today. The DNA extraction from the leaf was completed using the HOP DNA Isolation method. The DNA was stored in two centrifuge tubes at -20C. The total volume of plant leaf DNA in storage is 196 micro liters. The DNA extraction was completed by Melissa, Tiffany, Rajiv, Binu and Sushma. Sushma and Binu made the electrophoresis gel and loaded the DNA samples into the gel, Rajiv loaded the low range base pair ladder. The gel was run at 100 volts for 30 minutes. The results from the gel conclude that the DNA extraction from the leaf was good and at the right base pair length. The picture of the gel can be viewed on the MAC computer in the Imaging Room on the Desktop labeled 09.23.08 Emblazon DNA leaf 1. The picture of the gel was taken by Melissa. The gel showed that the DNA was at 1800+ base pairs in length against the ladder for low range at 1500 base pairs. Angie and Diwash are near to completion of the vector they just need to extract the vector DNA.

Projects to be started and to be completed within the next two weeks. The DNA that was extracted from the Leaf needs primers designed (forward and reverse). The sequence will be tested on work bench to find the restriction sites. The group will compare the restriction sites found and decide which sites to keep and remove through self directed mutagensis. The proposal is being rewritten by Tiffany and approved by the group. The vector will be completed and stored in -80C and -20. The vector will also have electrophoresis done to test the base pair length. The primers for the DNA sequence and RNA sequence are to be ordered from IDT by Axel. The group is going to have a meeting on Sunday to discuss further detail for the project and what has to be completed.